Results 28/1/13

Dave Butler played two matches in the Glasgow Cup which allowed Tom Burns to go back to the top of the league with his 4-1 victory over Barry Corr. Burns and Butler both have 34 points and the same goal difference but Burns leads by virtue of having scored more goals. Also in the league Dave Gladman recorded his fifth successive victory with a 3-0 win over Baver Bari. Colin Berry moved up 2 places after beating Zoltan Hegedus. Butler won his two Glasgow Cup matches and looks likely to qualify along with Willie Fleming. In the other group Corr beat Colin Day so it looks likely there will be a close fight for second place after Burns.




Bari         0  1  Fleming


Burns      4  1  Corr


Gladman  3  0  Bari


Berry       3  1  Hegedus


Glasgow Cup


Group A


Corr        4  2  Day


Group B


Butler      3  0  Fleming


Butler      6  0  Berry

Results 21/1/13

Two victories saw Dave Butler go three points clear at the top of the league and with two games in hand. Since starting to use ‘profibases’ this season, Dave’s form in the league has been remarkable, dropping only two points and conceding only one goal. He has performed well also at national events. Could this season’s Scottish Champion be from Glasgow? In the Glasgow Cup Tom Burns recorded his fourth group win, scoring 18 goals in all. In a friendly match Dave Houston and Willie Fleming fought out a 0-0 draw. Fleming can count himself a bit hard done to, if also a little unobservant, since Houston played the whole match with 12 men!




Corr              3  1         Bari


Butler           3  0         Bari


Houston        0  2         Butler


Glasgow Cup


Burns           4  0          Corr



Changed venue for GP

The venue for the March Grand Prix of Scotland has been changed from the David Lloyd Centre to the Normandy Hotel, Renfrew. The team event will be on the Saturday and Individual on the Sunday.



Results 14/1/13

There was a good turnout with ten players attending. Butler closed the gap on Burns and is now only three points behind with four games in hand. Fleming lost ground with a surprise defeat to Houston. Baver Bari had his first competitive match drawing with Colin Berry. Meanwhile, in the Glasgow Cup, Burns and Fleming look certain to qualify from their groups.






Butler     1  0  Corr


Bari        0  0  Berry


Butler     2  0  Day


Corr        2  3  Gladman


Houston  2  0  Fleming


Berry      1  1  Day


Houston  0  0  Hegedus


Glasgow Cup


Group A


Burns    6  0  Hegedus


Burns    5  0  Houston


Group B


Berry    1  3  Fleming

Burns 9th out of 20 in Manchester

Tom had mixed fortunes in this Manchester tournament on Saturday 12th January. A four round Swiss system was used.


T Burns        2  1  M Bellefontaine


P Gouveia     2  0  T Burns


T Burns        0  1  E Bellefontaine


C Townsend  0  2  T Burns


Mike Burns was a late Scottish entry and he finished 4th.  The competition was won by former England great Justin Finch. Famously, when he was younger, Justin insured his finger for £50,000! Have a look at this YouTube video of Justin……25,296 views…….not bad but well sort of the 34,321 views of one of our GTSA videos!


Tom Burns enters Manchester tournament

Tom Burns heads for Manchester this weekend to take part in a competition at the English National Football Museum. The event is organised by the newly formed Manchester Subbuteo Club. The tournament has a healthy 40 entries who will be divided into ‘Standard’ and ‘Advanced’ categories. Tom is the only entry from a Scottish club.

Results 7/1/13

Only four members turned up for the first meeting of 2013. A round robin was played with Willie Fleming being triumphant.


Fleming    3  0  Hegedus


Burns       1  1  Gladman


Burns       1  1  Fleming


Gladman  3  0  Hegedus


Hegedus  1  0  Burns


Fleming   2  1  Gladman

Results 17/12/12

Six players attended on the last club night before the festive break. Burns leads the table after an eventually comfortable win over McKenzie. Burns is now nine points clear of Butler who has six games in hand. McKenzie recorded his first win with victory over Hegedus. The Glasgow Cup was drawn (see menu ‘Cup’) and the first matches played.




Gladman  2  0  Hegedus


Fleming   4  0  McKenzie


Hegedus  0  3  McKenzie


Burns       5  1  McKenzie


Glasgow Cup:


Group A


Burns     3  1  Day


Day        3  1  Hegedus


Group B


Fleming  1  0  Gladman

Results 10/12/12

First full attendance of the season


All 10 players were present so that together with Baver Bari, it was a full house. Willie Fleming must be rueing his poor early season form. He moved into second place after ending Butler’s run of seven wins. Burns remains top, however, with a single goal victory over Houston. Day’s title hopes were dented by a surprise defeat to Hegedus whilst Corr and Gladman recorded their first wins. MacKenzie returned to action playing three matches including a derby defeat to Berry. Despite creating many chances MacKenzie could not find the net in any of his games.


Day         3  0  McKenzie


Corr        2  0  Hegedus


Berry      1  0  McKenzie


Houston   0  2  Gladman


Butler      0  0  Fleming


Burns      1  0  Houston


Day         0  1  Hegedus


Fleming    2  0  Berry


Gladman  3  0  McKenzie