Club night 16/4/18

Only three matches were played tonight , all in the Glasgow league. Willie Fleming moved to one point behind Tom Burns at the top of the league with a comfortable 3-0 victory over John Mathieson. Fleming has a game in hand over Burns.


After eight league matches Dave Houston has yet to score a goal. Nevertheless he has managed to accumulate five points. His latest 0-0 draw was against Dave Gladman. Gladman had most of the play but wayward shooting cost him the points. Houston lost his other match to a late Baver Bari winner. This was only Houston’s third goal conceded, the others being to Colin Berry and John Halpin. Bari, however, moved two places up the league to fifth as he celebrated two consecutive wins.


Glasgow League

Bari 1 0 Houston
Fleming 3 0 Mathieson
Gladman 0 0 Houston




Club night 9/2/18

It is with regret that we report that Barry Corr and Malcolm Lees have withdrawn from the Glasgow league. The league table has been updated accordingly. It looks at present as if Tom Burns and Willie Fleming will battle it out for the league title. Burns leads by four points but Fleming has two games in hand.

Two league matches were played tonight and the first was quite a shock as Tom Burns lost to Baver Bari. Burns usually has no difficulty in this fixture but Bari, when he is fully focussed can be a very difficult opponent. Burns did have enough chances to win but Bari did play very well. The result does give Willie Fleming the chance to go back to the top of the league if he wins his games in hand. Also in the league Dave Gladman edged out Colin Berry 1-0. Berry missed a glorious opportunity to take the lead in this match when Gladman’s keeper failed to clear but with the goal gaping Berry shot wide.


Gladman’s spare goalkeeper was not so lucky in his SPSL match against Tom Burns. After Gladman’s failure to force a throw, Burns was able to loop a shot off a defender into the empty net. This came after a goal-less first half when Gladman was unable to convert his dominance into a goal. After going ahead Burns was able to seal victory with an unlikely acute angled shot. Willie Fleming’s good Glasgow league form has not been replicated in the SPSL but tonight he was able to record a fine 2-1 victory over Malcolm Lees.


Willie Fleming and Colin Berry will have to repeat their Glasgow Cup Quarter-Final after a goal-less draw. There was some controversy after Fleming felt certain he had scored with a powerful drive, the ball rebounding out of the goal. The referee, however was not so certain.



Glasgow League

Bari 1 0 Burns
Gladman 1 0 Berry


Glasgow Cup

Fleming 0 0 Berry



Lees 1 2 Fleming
Burns 2 0 Gladman





Association Cup Draw

The draw was made for this season’s Association Cup:

Round 1

Bari v Gladman
Halpin v Mathieson


Houston v F McKenzie
Fleming v Bari/Gladman
Halpin/Mathieson v Burns
Corr v Berry





Club night 2/4/18

The final Group A Glasgow Cup match took place with Tom Burns defeating Baver Bari by two goals to one. Bari opened the scoring with a somewhat controversial goal where Burns was convinced his opponent’s attacker had hit a defender before the ball. Burns, however, went on to score two second half goals to secure victory. Burns won the group with Dave Gladman second. Bari, Colin Berry and Dave Houston all finished with three points but Bari and Berry took third and fouth places to qualify on goal difference.


In Group B, John Halpin and John Mathieson fought out a goal-less draw. Willie Fleming has won the group but the other placings are yet to be decided.

One league match was played where John Mathieson defeated Baver Bari 3-1. Mathieson had the perfect first half, racing to a 3-0 lead. Bari came back in the second period but his dominance only resulted in one goal. The win takes Mathieson off the foot of the table. At the top Tom Burns leads Willie Fleming by two points but Fleming has a game in hand.


Glasgow Cup

Burns 2 1 Bari
Mathieson 0 0 Halpin



Mathieson 3 1 Bari



Scottish Grand Prix 2018

The event took place over the weekend 10/11 February 2018 at the Normandy Hotel in Renfrew. Players from eight countries took part in the individual events on the Saturday. Sergio Ramos of Portugal was victorious over England’s Chris Thomas in the final of the Open. The Veteran competition was won by Spain’s Antonio Montano defeating old rival Daniael Scheen of Belgium. This was Scheen’s second successive final loss in the GP. Daniel Scheen’s son Noe won the final of the Under-19 with victory over Thomas Price of England whilst Thomas won the Under-15 title by beating Ruby Mathews of Wales.

The WASPA Plate was won by Brian Daley (England) who overcame Martin Bellefontaine (England) in the final.

Full results can be viewed here.

Pictures form the Saturday:


On the Sunday the team competition was won by Tiburones of Spain who defeated Royal 78 Kaisermuhlen of Austria in the final.

The Plate was won by Dundee United A team.

Pictures from Sunday:


Club Night 22/1/18

Only 3 matches played tonight and all were in the Glasgow Cup. In Group A Tom Burns looks likely to finish top after a 3-1 win over Dave Gladman. Burns took the lead in the first half only for Gladman to equalise just before the break. Burns got back in front in the second period and as Gladman committed players forward Burns sealed the victory with a third. Gladman is favourite to finish second but his final match is against Dave Houston who has proved a difficult opponent for Gladman in recent games.


The other 2 matches were both in Group B and both involved Malcolm Lees. Lees made a strong start to the season in the SPSL but has struggled to find his form in more recent matches and so it proved tonight. He suffered two 2-1 defeats against first, Willie Fleming and then John Halpin. Both opponents were well worthy of their victories and for John Halpin it was his second win over Lees in a row. All three players are likely to progress from the group but the final order is unlikely to be what would have been predicted.



Glasgow Cup

Burns 3 1 Gladman
Lees 1 2 Fleming
Halpin 2 1 Lees




Club night 15/1/18

It has been a slow start to 2018 with 4 players turning op on January 8 and then only 3 attending on January 15.

On the 8th two league matches were played. Dave Gladman defeated Barry Corr 1-0 whilst John Halpin edged out Baver Bari 2-1. Both were close matches and each could have gone either way.

On the 15th two matches from Group A of the Glasgow Cup were played. Tom Burns and Dave Gladman, finalists last season, both recorded their second win in the tournament, each time at the expense of Colin Berry. Burns took an early lead only for Berry to level the match a minute later. But barely had Burns kicked off when, much to Berry’s chagrin, Burns re-took the lead. It was well into the second half before Burns scored again and put the match beyond Berry. Berry had a closer encounter with Gladman. Also 3-1 down in the second half, Berry pulled it back to 3-2 with two and a half minutes remaining. From the kick-off Gladman was able to retain possession until the final whistle.


Gladman 1 0 Corr
Halpin 2 1 Bari


Glasgow Cup

Burns 3 1 Berry
Gladman 3 2 Berry



Club night 18/12/17

The first half of the SPSL Glasgow home fixtures is now almost complete with 33 of the 35 matches played. Match 33 saw Barry Corr just edge out Baver Bari by 3 goals to 2. Twice Corr took the lead and twice he was pulled back before he scored the all important winner late in the game. Corr has won 6 of his 7 matches and could be set for a high finish in the league.


Three Glasgow Cup matches were played. In Group A Dave Gladman defeated Baver Bari 1-0. Bari had previously beaten Gladman in the league and the SPSL. It could easily have been a hat-trick of wins and although Gladman dominated play and had many more chances, Bari had the opportunities to score. Fraser McKenzie played two Group B matches. In the first he was well beaten by John Halpin but then had a good draw against Willie Fleming.


Willie Fleming had better joy in the league with a narrow victory over Barry Corr. It was a reversal of their SPSL encounter. But this win moves Fleming level on points with Tom Burns at the top of the league. Fleming’s goal difference is poorer but he does have 2 games in hand. Also in the league Fraser McKenzie improved on his cup performances with victory over Baver Bari in a very close match. Bari had an unlucky evening, suffering three defeats all of which could easily have had a different outcome.


Glasgow Cup

Gladman 1 0 Bari
F McKenzie 0 3 Halpin
Fleming 1 1 F McKenzie


Corr 1 2 Fleming
Bari 2 3 F McKenzie


Corr 3 2 Bari



Club night 11/12/17

It was a good night for Willie Fleming with two victories over Dave Gladman and John Halpin. Both victories were well merited. Against Gladman he took an early lead after winning a free-kick on the right hand side. The shot was expertly chipped into the far corner. Fleming held possession well for the rest of the half. Gladman came more into the match in the second period but failed to take advantage of promising positions. As Gladman pushed forward Fleming was able to seal victory with a late second goal. Fleming needed only a single goal to defeat John Halpin. Again Fleming had good possession and allowed Halpin few opportunities. Fleming now moves into second position, three points behind Tom Burns but with three games in hand.


It was a night of mixed fortunes for Dave Houston. In the SPSL he managed a 1-0 victory over John Halpin. Houston was able to play the game at his pace with Halpin never really achieving any flow to his game. Houston now moves into ninth place with 18 points from 12 matches.

Houston, however, did not fare so well in his second match, a Glasgow Cup group match against Tom Burns. In their previous encounter in the league Houston had held Burns to a 0-0 draw but this time Burns scored an early goal. Houston had a glorious opportunity to level after the Burns’ goalkeeper had completely missed a clearance but Houston could only hit the outside of the post. After this Burns dominated and ran out 5-0 winner.



Fleming 2 0 Gladman
Halpin 0 1 Fleming


Glasgow Cup

Burns 5 0 Houston



Houston 1 0 Halpin


SPSL 2017/18
 1 BENNETT 13 13 0  0 62   6 56 39
 2 LEES 18 12 2  4 42 14 28 38
 3 CONWAY 15  9 4  2 25   8 17 31
 4 BESKABY 14  9 3  2 31 11 20 30
 5 BURNS 12  8 3  1 26   4 22 27
 6 HALPIN 15  6 3  6 11 16  -5 21
 7 GLADMAN 20  5 5 10 16 22  -6 20
 8 CHRISTIE   8  6 1  1 20   6  14 19
 9 HOUSTON 12  6 0  6 11 13  -2 18
10 CORR   6  5 0  1 15   2  13 15
11 MATHIESON 20  4 3 13 15 41 -26 15
12 BAXTER 11  3 1  7 15 31 -16 10
13 FLEMING   8  2 2  4   5 17 -12   8
14 BARI 12  2 2  8 14 37 -23   8
15 MINTY 15  1 2 12   7 44 -37   5
16 THOM 15  0 1 14   2 45 -43   1




Glasgow Cup Draw

The draw was made for this season’s Glasgow Cup.

Group A

Berry, Gladman, Bari, Houston, Burns

Group B

Mathieson, Lees, F McKenzie, Halpin, Fleming


Four players qualify from each group with the quarter-final ties being:

A1 v B4, A2 v B3, A3 v B2, A4 v B1

There will be no seedings for the semi-final draw.

In last season’s final Tom Burns defeated Dave Gladman 2-0.