Club Night 25/11/19

Eight players attended on an evening when Dave Gladman maintained his position as league leader. Tonight he was held to a goal-less draw by a determined John Mathieson. Gladman did have more possession and did have the best of the chances but he could not break the deadlock. Mathieson always carried a threat and could easily have taken all three points. Mathieson also had a good scoring draw against Willie Fleming. Fleming started well and soon took the lead. Thereafter, however, his play was error strewn and it was no surprise when Mathieson equalised with a quick thrust through the middle of the Fleming defence. From there on in neither player was able to produce the quality to take all three points. Fleming thought he had equalised at the death but he failed to notice one of his figures on the touchline in an offside position.

The club were delighted to welcome the return, after a five year absence, of Dave Butler. It seemed that he had lost none of his skills as he used his trademark quick short passing moves to race to a 3-0 lead against Baver Bari. But Bari scored each side of half-time to get himself right back into the game. Butler, however, did not panic, got back in control of the game and added a fourth.

It was also a debut night for new member Ryan McPhail. It will be a steep learning curve for McPhail but he did manage to get a first point on the board. That was against Brian Spoors and the 1-1 draw was also a a first point for Spoors. McPhail also managed respectable scores against the very much more experienced Willie Fleming and Baver Bari. The win for Bari put him up into second place.


The league table can be viewed here.

Club Night 18/11/19

Sadly only one league match took place tonight. It was, however, a top of the table clash between Tom Burns and Dave Gladman. Both players came into the match with four wins and no points lost. Burns had most of the first half but apart from when he hit a post did not have really open chances. About 10 minutes in, as figures were pulled about the pitch, large gaps appeared in both defences. It was Gladman who was able to exploit the gap and he fired home from a central area.

Burns’ attacking line-up for the second half kick-off made clear his intentions. But such a strategy always carries the risk of weakening the defence. Gladman was able to break away down the left and loft in a second goal. Burns powered forward and the game was now being played in the Gladman area as Burns forced corners and throw-ins. Clear cut chances were now coming for Burns and at last he scored with five minutes still on the clock. Gladman kept possession for a couple of minutes but when he lost it, the final minutes were again spent in the Gladman area. To his frustration, however, Burns could not find the equaliser as somehow Gladman held out. Gladman had defended well but he was able to convert two of the few opportunities he had.

Burns only lost two league matches in the previous three seasons. It remains to be seen whether this defeat will be significant.


The league table can be viewed here.


The draw was made for this season’s Glasgow Cup

Group A

Spoors, Mathieson, Gladman, Bari, McPhail

Group B

Fleming, Burns, Houston, Berry, Halpin

Club Night 11/11/19

Only 3 matches were played tonight and it was basically a round robin between Baver Bari, Colin Berry and Brian Spoors. First up was an emphatic 6-0 win for Bari over Spoors, a win which took Bari to joint top of the league. Bari dominated a match in which Spoors struggled to keep possession of the ball. Spoors almost managed to reach half-time only a single goal down but conceded in the last seconds of the half. Although he did have a couple of chances, the tale of the second period for Spoors was one of collapse.

Spoors’ performance was much improved in his second match against Colin Berry. He retained possession much better but although he did create opportunities, the search for that first goal continues. A single first half goal was enough for Berry to take all three points.


The evening finished with a remarkable game between Bari and Berry. A draw would have been enough for Bari to go clear at the top of the league. Although the first half finished goal-less, Bari looked the much likelier to score. Shortly into the second half Bari took a deserved lead with a lovely angled chip from the right wing. As Bari continued to attack Berry broke forward to win a free-kick which led to him firing home the equaliser. As Bari pressed forward the Berry defence held firm. Then, with seconds remaining Berry again counter-attacked, sending a long ball into the Bari area and following up with a strike from distance on the run. He could not have made a better connection and the ball bulleted into the top corner. All present were stunned. The whistle sounded. It was a win Berry scarcely deserved but then again no-one could disagree that it was a goal fit to win any match.



The league table can be viewed here.

Club Night 4/11/19


The final of the Association Cup, held over from last season was finally played tonight. Willie Fleming who had edged out Tom Burns in the semi-final, faced Baver Bari. The two had recently played a league match which ended in a narrow Fleming victory. Fleming took an early lead. Both players then had chances but a major controversy arose just before half-time. Fleming thought that his shot had resulted in a second goal but Bari and sections of the on-lookers were convinced that the ball had hit the bar and had not crossed the line. The referee, however, had immediately awarded the goal and was not to be persuaded otherwise.

The second half started well for Bari as he hit back with only a minute gone. Thereafter Fleming tried to smother the game and Bari, when he did get possession, was too rushed in his play and surrendered the ball too easily. With time running out Fleming was able to seal victory with a third goal and thus take the club’s most prestigious trophy.


In the league Tom Burns went to the top of the table, albeit on goal difference, with two victories. The first was a comfortable victory over Brian Spoors and the second a difficult 1-0 win over Willie Fleming. Fleming could count himself unlucky to lose all the points in this match. Dave Gladman also maintained his 100% record coming from behind to defeat Dave Houston. Houston scored straight from the kick-off with a piercing move through the middle of the Gladman defence and held the lead until half-time. Gladman showed some resilience by equalising and then scoring a late winner. Houston was disappointed to suffer a second narrow defeat, this time to Baver Bari who moved up to third place.

The league table can be viewed here.

Association Cup Final




Europa League 2019

For the first time GTSA took part in the FISTF Europa League. The competition took place in Belem, a suburb of Lisbon over the weekend 26/27 October. The club was represented by Dave Gladman, Malcolm Lees and Brian Spoors and they were joined with 24 hours to spare by American, Patrick Sheridan. Sheridan, who plays his subbuteo in Denver Colorado, had been due to play with Piraeus in the tournament but the club had to withdraw only 3 days before the competition. GTSA were able to secure a loan transfer from Piraeus, the first in FISTF history.

With two late withdrawals including Piraeus, twenty two clubs went into the draw for four groups. Glasgow were drawn in Group 1 along with four other teams. AS Hennuyer (Belgium), CFT Puylaurens (France), TSC Stella Artois Milano (Italy) and GRD 1st May Tires (Portugal).

The tournament was well organised and ran smoothly. The pitches, newly laid, proved to be slow and sticky. This made control of the ball and maintaining possession very difficult.



Glasgow TSA04CFT Puylaurens
M. Lees01J.F. Bolard
B. Spoors16Leroy S.
D. Gladman01Roger T.
P. Sheridan06Leroy D.
Glasgow TSA03GRD 1º Maio Tires
M. Lees02Paulo Laranjeira
B. Spoors010Paulo Elias
D. Gladman04Luis Abreu
P. Sheridan11José Santos
Glasgow TSA13TSC Stella Artois Milano
Patrick Sheridan01B. Mazzeo
Dave Gladman02M. Suffritti
Malcom Lees16A. Iorio
Brian Spoors50
AS Hennuyer40Glasgow TSA
Despretz S.51Brian Spoors
Aggelinas C.81Malcolm Lees
Marain G.50Dave Gladman
Dieudonne D.10Patrick Sheridan

Therefore at the end of Saturday’s play Glasgow had finished 5th in the group. This meant that on the Sunday they would play for places 17 to 22. Because two teams had withdrawn Glasgow would play only 2 games on the Sunday, not 3.



In their first match Glasgow were drawn against Europa FC TFC (Gibraltar) and lost 3-0. The final match was against Wolverhampton to decide 21st and 22nd places. Wolves had lost their first match controversially in extra time against Attard SC (Malta). Wolves really should have won that match but instead they found themselves facing Glasgow in the final game. Remarkably the match finished 2-2 with the same number of goals for and against. Malcolm Lees and Patrick Sheridan had gained wins for Glasgow, Justin Scott and Mick Hammonds for Wolves. After a long 7 minutes it was Patrick Sheridan who broke the deadlock by scoring the winner against Richard Badger and so saved Glasgow from finishing last.


The Europa League Champions were FCD Mortellito Barcellona (Italy) who defeated Sporting CP (Portugal) 2-1 in the final match.

Club Night 21/10/19

Five games took place this evening.


Dave Gladman managed to consolidate his position at the top of the league with a 3-0 victory over Colin Berry. Gladman has started the league preferring playing a faster game than his slower possession style. This allowed Berry much more possession and opportunities than is normal against Gladman but he was unable to take any of those opportunities. In contrast Gladman was able to breach the usually solid Berry defence by employing swift attacking moves. Berry did manage to get his first point on the table, coming from behind to draw 1-1 with John Mathieson. Berry took only a minute to equalise after losing a first half goal. Berry was able to prevent Mathieson reproducing his flowing play of last week but a share of the points was probably fair.

Willie Fleming opened his campaign with two wins, the first a hard fought one against Baver Bari. Although both players had numerous chances, only one goal was scored. Bari could reasonably argue that he deserved to take something from this match. Fleming had less difficulty in his second match with a crushing victory over Brian Spoors.

The club welcomed the return to action of Ronnie McKenzie in a high scoring match against Baver Bari. McKenzie scored first but found himself 3-2 down at half-time. The outcome was in doubt until the final moment when Bari sealed the match with a fifth goal.

The full league table can be seen here.

Club Night 14/10/19

The new season kicked off with only 5 players in attendance. Four league matches were played.


At the end of the first night it was Dave Gladman who topped the league with two wins. In an exciting match against Baver Bari, Gladman raced to a two-nil lead. Bari pulled a goal back and was unlucky not to equalise just before half-time. In the second period went further ahead and missed opportunities to put the game to bed but Bari got back into the game with a second goal. Bari pushed forward for the equaliser but Gladman was able to see out the match by holding possession. Gladman followed up with an emphatic win against Brian Spoors. Three goals in the first ten minutes put the game beyond doubt.

League Champion, Tom Burns opened with a safe 2-0 win over John Mathieson. Mathieson had a lot of good possession in this match but was unable to create as many opportunities as perhaps he should have done. A goal in each half was enough to secure the win for Burns.

Mathieson was able to get points on the board by overcoming Brian Spoors. Spoors put up more resistance than he did against Gladman. He seemed to have scored a fine goal but was dismayed to see two men in offside positions. As against Burns, Mathieson failed to finish off good possession but in the end scored twice to get off the mark.

See the league table here.

Scottish Grand Prix – Individual Competition


Fifty eight players competed in the Open and Veteran Categories. The Open was won by Spaniard David Gonzalez who defeated Alexander Haas of Austria. Thomas Wittman (Austria) and Justin Finch (England) were the losing semi-finalists.

In the Veteran category Antonio Montano of Spain retained his title after defeating Guy Palmer of Gibraltar. John Field (Gibraltar) and Andy Beskaby (Scotland) were the losing semi-finalists.

Full results can be seen here.

Photos from the day:

Glasgow Cup Draw

The draw was made for this season’s Glasgow Cup. There are two groups, one of five and one of four.

Group A

Berry, Spoors, Houston, Bari, Fleming.

Group B

Mathieson, Halpin, Gladman, Burns.


In last season’s final Dave Gladman defeated Tom Burns


Club night 29/10/18

The league is now well underway and the table can be viewed here. The first round of league matches will count towards National Championship qualification where the top four placed players will compete against the Dundee United TFC top four. Tonight Baver Bari, Willie Fleming and John Halpin played against each other. Halpin came off best with a four point haul. Fleming will feel that he could have had a lot more than the two points he gained, late equalisers by both Halpin and Bari depriving him of a better points tally. Halpin edged out Bari by 3-2 after Bari had twice come from behind.