• Club night 27/2/17

    It is 44 years since Dave Houston founded GTSA. Tonight we saw once again some of the Houston magic of old. Only four players attended on the day after Scottish Circuit 3 and only four games were played. Three of them involved Houston. First up was the Glasgow Cup quarter-final replay against Dave Gladman. The

  • Scottish Circuit Event 3: Normandy Hotel, Renfrew

    Fourteen players took part in this Scottish Circuit competition. The event was won by Gareth Christie who defeated Greg Dand on shots in the final. This consolidates Christie’s position at the top of the Scottish Championship leaderboard. Glasgow’s John Halpin finished third after a win over Tom Burns in the 3rd/4th place play-off. The final

  • Club night 20/2/17

    Dave Houston moved off the bottom of the table thanks to his first league win of the season. Inevitably it was a low scoring match and decided by a single goal. Houston has only scored three league goals. Ronnie McKenzie had the honour of being the first player to lose to Houston. It was a

  • Club night 13/2/17

    Willie Fleming moved two places up the table with two victories tonight. Last season Fleming ran Tom Burns close for second place but that is now beyond him this season. The best he can hope for is third and to achieve that he will face stiff competition. One of those competitors is Ronnie McKenzie and

  • Woodend Handicap Cup

    Handicaps were fixed for the competition and the first round draw was made. In the event of a score being level at full-time the match will be decided by shots. There will be no replay. Handicaps: Lees 0 Burns 0 Fleming 1 Berry 2 Corr 2 Gladman 2 Halpin 2 McKenzie R 2 Bari 3

  • Club night 6/2/17

    Tonight’s focus was on the Glasgow Cup. The one remaining fixture in Group A was between Colin Berry and John Halpin. To qualify Halpin needed to win whilst Berry needed only a draw. This was a close fought match which swung back and forth. At half-time the players were locked at 1-1 but it was

  • Club night 30/1/17

    The single remaining game in Group B of the Glasgow Cup was played tonight. Not unexpectedly Tom Burns was victorious over Ronnie McKenzie. Burns pushed his number of goals scored in the group to 20 but McKenzie did manage two goals in reply. The 4 qualifiers are therefore Tom Burns, Dave Houston, Baver Bari and