• Woodend Handicap Cup Draw

    Handicaps were agreed: Tom Burns 0 Willie Fleming 0 Baver Bari 1 Dave Gladman 1 John Halpin 1 Dave Houston 2 John Mathieson 2 Brian Spoors 8 The draw: Baver Bari v Willie Fleming John Mathieson v John Halpin Tom Burns v Dave Houston Dave Gladman v Brian Spoors Last year’s winner, John Halpin:  

  • Association Cup Draw

    The draw was made for this season’s Association Cup: Round 1 Bari v Gladman Halpin v Mathieson Quarter-Finals Houston v F McKenzie Fleming v Bari/Gladman Halpin/Mathieson v Burns Corr v Berry     w

  • Club Night 22/1/18

    Only 3 matches played tonight and all were in the Glasgow Cup. In Group A Tom Burns looks likely to finish top after a 3-1 win over Dave Gladman. Burns took the lead in the first half only for Gladman to equalise just before the break. Burns got back in front in the second period

  • Association Cup draw

        The draw was made for this season’s Association Cup, first played for in season 1973/74.   Corr v Day Fleming v Andreoni Phee v Houston Gladman v Butler Jones v McKenzie Bari v Halpin   Byes: Berry and Burns

  • Grand Prix: message from Tom Burns

    Message from Tom Burns to Grand Prix participants   In the aftermath of the latest event in Scotland, and aftermath is probably the best word to describe it, I would like to thank all the players who took the time and effort to attend and helped make a successful event. There were very few complaints

  • Grand Prix: all the group results

    OPEN Groups 1 1 Mark Gauci Sam Curtis 10 2 OPEN Groups 2 1 Kasper Bennett Barry Corr 5 0 OPEN Groups 3 1 Pascal Scheen Robert Ramsey 3 0 OPEN Groups 4 1 Hansel Mallia Dave Butler 4 1 OPEN Groups 6 1 Paul Lawrenson Paulo Gouveia 0 3 OPEN Groups 7 1 Steve

  • Stembert win Team Event

    Stembert defeated Yorkshire’s A team in the final but only on goal difference!